Introducing the Lost Fort!

The Lost Fort is an immersive experience at Newhaven Fort celebrating Newhaven’s rich, yet often forgotten, historical link to pre-Roman history, exploring the Iron Age fort on which the present Fort now sits, as well as the rich archaeological history of Sussex, to provide a unique visitor and educational experience.

The focus of the displays and space highlight the wealth of local history of East Sussex, the Ouse Valley and Newhaven using extensive research and collaboration between the Exhibition Design team and local experts to promote numerous relevant local Ancient History sites and champion the centre for local schools and colleges.

Research and discussions with local specialists such as the County Archaeologist has found that The Lost Fort is a unique facility telling the story for Prehistoric Sussex, in particular the human activity in the Ouse Valley. No such facility currently exists for school trips and will therefore be an invaluable learning resource for Primary, Secondary and Higher Education students.

“Portholes to the Past” in the floor and walls hold objects and images to be discovered. Magnetic boards with stone age inspired magnetic grips will hold paper in place for school children to produce their own Cave Art with references to the Ice Age Cave Art found at Creswell Crags, Peak District.

Local artist, Andy Gammon has produced incredibly detailed and authentic images and scenes, depicting pre-Roman life and occupation in and around the Ouse Valley.

A Hunter Gatherer Shelter has been constructed using hazel, reeds and natural twine to resemble the remains of a structure found at Streat Lane near Plumpton, Lewes.

Now the build is complete and The Lost Fort eagerly awaits visitors, young and old, to uncover the fascinating local history, take a peek inside the Hunter Gatherer Shelter and perhaps create some Cave Art of their own – or get bang up to date and take a selfie to share with friends!


All of our standard entry tickets are valid for 12 months and allow free return visits during seasonal opening hours.