Newhaven Fort is inviting visitors to become Easter Eggs-plorers during the school holidays (30 Mar-15 April).

Over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend (30 Mar–2 April) there will be an Easter quiz trail around the Fort with a sweet treat as a prize at the end.

There will also be a new family-themed Explorers’ Trail taking place throughout the holidays which will take visitors on a fun tour of discovery around the Fort to discover its hidden nooks and crannies.

Plus there’s the chance to find out all about our ancient ancestors in the all-new ‘Lost Fort’ feature.

Dig into Sussex’s amazing ancient history with this interactive new feature. Uncover the truth behind Newhaven’s lost Iron Age fort and discover what day to day life was really like for our prehistoric ancestors.

Follow their fascinating story from the distant Stone Age to the arrival of the Romans.

‘Potholes to the Past’ reveal authentic objects, tools and artefacts and there’s the opportunity to step inside a recreated hunter gatherer’s shelter.

Cloaked in mystery and protected by its impressive ramparts, Newhaven Fort has been keeping its secrets safely hidden for almost 150 years.

With exhibitions, films and interactive features telling the history of the Fort – the largest defence work ever built in Sussex – there’s so much to see and do.

Find out what life was really like in a 19th century Fort, explore one of the UK’s largest exhibitions dedicated to the Home Front and immerse yourself in the dramatic WWII blitz experience.

There are also special features on WWI, the vital work of the Royal Observer Corps plus an exhibition dedicated to the ill-fated Dieppe raid of 1942 and the Normandy landings of 1944 – both of which are inextricably linked to Newhaven.

Roam around the cliff-top gun emplacements and enjoy the stunning views of the Sussex coast and South Downs, or explore the tunnels buried beneath the impressive Victorian fortifications.

Enjoy a nostalgic rest in the 1940’s themed Fort Teas Room complete with authentic furniture.

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