Look out!

The Royal Observer Corps (ROC) was formed in 1925 as a civil defence organisation with the intention of increasing the detection, identification, tracking and reporting of aircrafts over the United Kingdom and performed these vital duties throughout the Second World War and beyond.

Despite the vital importance of the ROC in peace and war, their heroic efforts do not get the recognition that they deserve… time to put that right!

With an exhibition space full of informative displays demonstrating the involvement of the ROC in the Second World War, you can be part of a journey of discovery, understanding everything from plotting and reporting to the role that Seaborne Observers played in the D-Day landings.

Take this opportunity to learn about the history of the ROC through the ages, exploring artifacts from the Royal Observer Corps Historic Collection


Sussex Yeomanry

Newhaven Fort is also the home of the collection of the Sussex Yeomanry. In this exhibition you will find a host of items of military significance, from uniforms to medals, insignia and more. For more information about the Sussex Yeomanry, visit their website.


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