Talk in the Tea Room – India/Pakistan 1965 – Ed Tyhurst

Wednesday 25th October

From August 5th through to September 23rd, 1965, a short but fiercely fought war between India and Pakistan rocked the Asian Sub-Continent. The main area where fighting occurred was the ancient province of Kashmir. Though Indian forces dominated the ground conflict, in the air the Pakistan Air Force gained massive superiority through a series of daring ground strikes and night time raids.

Join Newhaven Fort member of staff Ed Tyhurst to learn more of the exciting, daring and fascinating stories of the air war that raged in the skies over Kashmir during that summer more than 50 years ago.

Tickets are £6 each and include the talk, a drink and some cake! You can book now online, call 01273 517622 or pop in to the Fort during normal opening hours to buy tickets.