Holding the Fort Performances 24th August 2019 | Newhaven Fort

Holding the Fort Performances 24th August 2019

Holding the Fort Performances 24th August 2019

Holding the Fort is an exhibition of work by six East Sussex-based contemporary artists led and curated by Rachel Cohen. As part of the exhibition, there is a day of performances.

Armed With Luck    Zoe Toolan

Date: 24th August 2019
Start Times: #1 at 11.45am and #2 at 3.30pm
Running time: Approximately 1 hour

Meeting Point: Outside the main Fort entrance
Free to take part but booking required.

Eventbrite booking link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/armed-with-luck-tickets-64635419279

“Join me within the atmospheric grounds of Newhaven Fort for a participatory live art piece centered around omens and superstition from the past to the present day.

Taking the form of a walking tour we’ll visit a series of site-specific art pieces created to open discussion on the nature of luck, all inspired by the charms and rituals people often protect themselves – and loved ones – with during uncertain times, especially soldiers in WW1.”

Adults, accompanied children and well-behaved dogs welcome.

Most of the Fort is accessible, however, some of the tunnels and ramparts are not accessible due to the nature of the architecture and building structure. Please see the Newhaven Fort website for further details.

MELD     Rachel Cohen   

Date: 24th August 2019
Start Times: 1pm (3pm finish)
Running time: Approximately 2 hours

MELD is an event for improvisers of all art forms: music, dance, visual art, theatre and spoken word, hosted by Rachel Cohen

The idea is to bring together artists and performers from these various disciplines and play together.

We play instruments and everyday objects. We use our voices, texts, our bodies and the space around us.
MELD is not a gig. Everyone who comes is a participant. We perform for ourselves not for an audience.

To take part you don’t need to be a professional artist or performer. Just to be open to improvising. There will be some structures to work with.
It’s not aimed at children, more about allowing adults to indulge in childlike play.

This session is free and is included with entry to the Fort. You will need to book by email: mail@rachelcohen.co.uk

For more information http://www.rachelcohen.co.uk/rachelcohen.co.uk/MELD.html



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3rd June 2019